As a role, the Fox Sports Girls are offensive

I haven’t given up on writing, I swear. I’ve been so busy between school and an internship that writing doesn’t always sound appealing at the end of the day. I am, of course, still fervently keeping up with our boys and this awesome (but too late) turnaround. Had this team shown up in April, I honestly think we might be having a different discussion. Ahhh… the days of Hudson and Bartlett- I don’t miss those.

Then again, we have been spreading the pitching plague throughout the clubhouse this season. Our pitching rotation hasn’t been stable since… mid-May, I think? There is no way to recover when you’re constantly trying to find someone- anyone- to be a starter.

The end of this season is serving as a preview of next season. Barring some Latos-style trade in the offseason, I think that this team will have a real chance to be competitors next season… If the team stays healthy, and we find a strong rotation for all these pitchers we have now acquired.

I guess I should start the rest this post by saying that I’m probably going to anger some people, but it’s something I whole-heartedly believe in. That is the beauty of a blog, right?

I completely disagree with Fox Sports’s use of the so-called “Fox Sports (enter your city here) girls.” I’m unsure if ROOT Sports has them or not, y’all can inform me of that. I haven’t been able to figure out the purpose of their existence within the station. I don’t want this to sound like I don’t like the girls personally, or I am attacking them. I’m not. I met them a few months back and they were polite, but I still couldn’t figure out what exactly their job entails.

I’ve been told that they are ambassadors for the station. Why? Why does a station with nearly a stranglehold on the baseball industry in the US need ambassadors?

The girls have proven to have minimal knowledge of the game, while representing the team in a wanton fashion. The other day when the Padres were in Arizona, the game started at 12:40, yet as the end of the game neared, the girls took to Twitter and asked if everyone was ready for ‘tonight’s game’ (or something to that effect. I don’t really know because they unethically deleted the tweet- I’ll get to that part in a minute). When people corrected them on the fact that the game was nearly over, the response was “spent too long in the salon chair.”


As a journalist, I find this unprofessional. As a woman, I find this degrading. It is sending the wrong message. These girls are (portrayed) as ditzy, dumb and clueless. Whether they actually are, I have no idea. I am a strong, independent, smart woman who happens to love sports. What Fox Sports is telling me is that I am all wrong. I mean, I must be if they’re only showing women who seem to not fully understand the sport, right? They are sexualizing the game when it didn’t require it. If it has to be women, why can’t they be portrayed as smart? The way they are now, they’re literally adding nothing to the experience.

As  journalist, like I said, they are ridiculously unprofessional. I don’t know if they’re supposed to be considered journalists, because their roles aren’t clear, but they are a part of the station and should be classified as such. In that way, I don’t need to see pictures of their breakfasts, or know what they are wearing by the pool (adding to the sexualizing of it). Perhaps these girls should have their own personal Twitter account instead of using the mutual account from the station. Plus, whenever something is incorrect within the field of journalism, it is best that you issue a correction and not delete the error entirely. Now they have random replies floating out there. Either way, they need to behave in a professional manner. They are, after all, representing the station.

I know that some people are going to say that they want the chance to judge the roles of the women because they don’t even get Fox Sports San Diego. I know, that’s a whole other issue entirely. You’re not actually missing much. If I had another option to watch the games, I would. But, alas, like I said, they have a stranglehold on the majority of the market. At least, the markets that they want. I just hope they see this and begin to take people seriously.

Like I said, I know for a fact I’m going to be lambasted (at least, some people will be doing so in their heads). It’s your prerogative if you chose to like these women, but what if this were your daughter flaunting herself this way? What if this were your station, would you be doing this to women? Or would you actually have morals and be about the sport and the game, the way they claim to be?

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  1. Alicia Barnhart

    I know what they’re there for, my station has those girls too- sex appeal. As a female sports fan and journalist I get annoyed at the people that hire them, not the girls… they’re doing their job and tend to be sweet. But yeah its annoying!

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